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About the Artist

In this Day whatsoever serveth to reduce blindness and to increase vision is worthy of consideration. This vision acteth as the agent and guide for true knowledge. (Baha'u'llah)

Ultimately, Photography is subversive, not when it frightens, repels, or even stigmatizes, but when it is pensive, when it thinks. (Roland Barthes)

I am a Beijing-based British artist. http:/​/​martinderbyshire.​com My photographs are not intended to serve as factual records of change, since I have always been more interested in timeless and universal aspects of human experience and how they can be encountered within the local and specific, than in documenting social and environmental processes as historical indicators. Instead, my work attempts to convey the apparent mirroring that seems to take place, at certain moments, between observable phenomena within man's physical environment and the spiritual condition of the individual. The liberation of the eye brings with it the potential for independent thought and inquiry and initiates a critique of the forms and networks we inhabit and the values, motivations and beliefs that produce them. I am interested in neglected, unconscious moments, spaces and interactions: things that happen on the fringe, or periphery, of vision; small, subtle, subliminal interventions within the rational schemes of thought and environment; and the appearance of the organic and intuitive within the rational and industrial. These corresponding dimensions of physical and spiritual reality suggest the presence of other forces, the recognition of which may allow a more considered and balanced view of reality to appear. It is this state of emergent mind, and the unity that underlies its apparent conflicts, that I wish to evoke.

我是位于北京的艺术家。 http:/​/​martinderbyshire.​com 我走来走去拍下的我住的地方的照片不是要记录变革,因为我一直更感兴趣的是人类共同的生活体验的普遍和永­­恒的方面,以及它们在本地和具体场合的体现,而不是为了记录变更而记录变更 。我的作品是有关建筑环境和在其中的个人在它的精神状态之间的关系以及它们在特定的时候以有形的方式如何可能互为镜像。我希望我的作品会鼓励对事物的关注,因为眼睛的解放带来了独立思考和探究的潜力并且推动我们对于生活环境的形态的分析,以及产生它们价值观,信念和动机。我感兴趣的是视觉上被忽略的、无意识的瞬间,空间和互动: 发生在边缘或外围的事情,; 在思想和环境的合理框架上小的,微妙的,潜意识的干预;以及在理性和工业化环境中有机的事物和直觉的感受 。物质和灵性方面的对应中,我们能够感受到其他力量的存在。对于这个的认识能够促进对于生活更加全面和平衡的认识。我想表达的是这个状态的转变以及其中的矛盾。